Wake up!

The days are lengthening and life is breaking out all over.  Ironically my work seems to be moving through a look at death and it’s role in our culture.  My pieces addressing the meaning of loss in Finders Keepers Losers Weepers were praised by cultural, artistic and academic critics – very exciting.
Now for my next  contribution and my next exhibition.
Death And Transition is a South London Women Artists collaborative exhibition looking at – well – death and transition.

I don’t yet quite understand my piece ‘You Wormed Your Way Into My Heart’ – I am by turns amused, angry, fearful. Come along.  I’d like to know what you think.

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

My composite work CONSEQUENCES is showing at the dynamic exhibition Finders Keepers Losers Weepers at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL 4th November 2014 – 28th February 2015.  Open daily 10am-5pm. Free admission.

Finding something I experience it, it affects my life. I can take, it, restore it, pass it forward, leave it.  It can be enabling, threatening, life changing.  Once I have found I can never undo the finding and I carry the responsibility. Losing happens when possession, the power over, control is in play.  It creates want.

Consequences is an expression of my attempts to complete the memory of unplanned Finding and Losing events in my recent past.

Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions

What an inspiring creation

Sunday is day three of our ten day collaborative drawing at The Albany Theatre in Deptford. It’s a free event,  lots of free parking, COME AND HAVE A LOOK!
Here are some images of the 5.1 x 1.8 m canvas as at Saturday evening. Watch it grow.

Lambeth Open Studio Weekend

I will be showing new paintings from my ‘curtain’ series along with my ‘one chance’ drawings at The Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill, West Norwood SE27 0HS.
The Gallery will host over 30 artists in its fascinating old theatre space. Meet the artists and seek out that special picture for your walls.  There are drawing workshops and demonstrations .
PV 6-8pm Saturday 4th.

Can’t Draw! Enrolment deadline

This six week radical skill training will enable you to draw accurately and realistically.
For further details about the course content and to see what students do, go to www.cantdraw.co.uk.  The commitment is six half-day Saturdays – a total of 30 hours tuition.  The course fee is £200 – not much for a lifelong skill that will also enhance your appreciation and understanding of art and the world around you!  To book, all you need to do is email me [email protected].

PS. I am so sure that if you can see well enough to drive and you can hold a pencil to write your name YOU CAN DRAW.  if you follow the course and at the end have not made a profound change in your drawing skills then I am happy to refund your fees.  What a money-back-guarantee!

Life at the Portico

The Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill West Norwood SE27 0HS offers three-hour evening Life Drawing sessions on Thursdays from 6:30-9:30pm.  The fee is £20/session – regulars can take advantage of our loyalty discount – every 7th attendance free.  In a serene dedicated studio environment with a great atmosphere (and it’s own kettle for tea!), I offer tutoring on request and our great team of male and female models.

4th September we kick off with focus on tone and the dramatic effect of lighting.  Over the Autumn we’ll look at contrasting monochrome and colour as well as anatomy and personal style.

We provide easels, drawing boards and clips, and while we keep a basic supply of paper (A2 and A1) and pencils, erasers, charcoal,  I do suggest that you bring your own favoured materials.

We welcome life drawers on a drop-in basis it is very helpful to me if you can email or text me to let me know so I can prepare the studio.

If you would like to know more about Life at The Portico Gallery you can email [email protected] or phone on 07967018514.

So much happening! Dates for your diary

2nd September  – A fun Taster Evening to find out more about the Can’t Draw! course and try out some of the exercises. 7-9pm at The Portico Gallery, 23a Knights Hill, W. Norwood, SE27 0HS. £10.  Book by emailing [email protected].

4th September – Life Drawing at the Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill, W. Norwood, SE27 0HS  6:30-9:30pm every Thursday.  £20/session. We’ve introduced a loyalty discount card.  Book by emailing [email protected].
13th September – Can’t Draw! 6 week Saturday drawing course begins at The Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill, W. Norwoood, SE27 0HS. 9:30am-3:00pm. £200.  To book contact [email protected].
30th September – 12th October – Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Rd, London SE21 7AD. Two of my new curtain series of paintings will be showing at the Dulwich Picture Gallery Friends exhibition.
26th September – 5th October – Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions.  As part of South London Women Artists participation in Deptford X Contemporary Arts Festival and The Big Draw, The Why Front will be at The Albany Theatre in Deptford, drawing and erasing a collective 20ft drawing about the hidden contribution of women artists through history.  Come and watch it develop and grow.
4th – 5th October – Lambeth Open Studio weekend.  11am-6pm at The Portico Gallery, 23a Knights Hill, W.Norwood, SE27 0HS.  I will be showing a collection of drawings and paintings.  Each afternoon 2-4pm I shall be running drawing workshops as part of The Big Drawevent.
4th November – 5th December – Finders Keepers Losers Weepers at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL.  As one of the curation team for the residency, I would like to invite you to visit the site specific works produced by over 30 South London Women Artists investigating the archaeology of mind and memory.  For further information please visit www.southlondonwomenartists.co.uk.

Domination of a skill

Drawing forms the foundation of the fine arts.  It is a skill like any other – reading, writing, driving, swimming – and you can learn that skill.  I run Can’t Draw, a course that teaches you the skills to draw accurately.

Come to a Taster Evening 7 – 9pm on Tuesday Sept 2nd at The Portico Gallery, 23a Knights Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0HS.  You can try out some of the exercises and find out more about learning to draw.
It costs £10.     Email [email protected] to book.

More curtains

Have a look at my latest Curtain works.  I’m showing these and some more I’m working on at the moment at Lambeth Open Studios at The Portico Gallery on the 4th and 5th October.