It’s coming! Wait for it!

London’s Urban Art Fair hits the streets again on July 12th and 13th 2014.

This exciting, festive annual event in Brixton London presents the work of over 200 artists from graffiti to painting to etching to photography and more.  Buy work direct from the artist at accessible prices and join the celebration of the artists’ community in London.
I will be there at 7Hc on the corner of Leander Road – Seek me out!

Bare naked bike riders save the planet

This Saturday the London Naked Bike Riders ride through London to protest against car culture and oil dependence and to demonstrate how vulnerable cyclists are on the road.  It’s also a celebration of body freedom and a lot of fun!  You don’t need to be completely naked, just go “as pare as you dare” – eg most people wear shoes.  South London starts in West Norwood and Clapham Junction.  Ride, Support, Encourage, Enjoy. For more information