Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions

What an inspiring creation

Sunday is day three of our ten day collaborative drawing at The Albany Theatre in Deptford. It’s a free event,  lots of free parking, COME AND HAVE A LOOK!
Here are some images of the 5.1 x 1.8 m canvas as at Saturday evening. Watch it grow.

Lambeth Open Studio Weekend

I will be showing new paintings from my ‘curtain’ series along with my ‘one chance’ drawings at The Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill, West Norwood SE27 0HS.
The Gallery will host over 30 artists in its fascinating old theatre space. Meet the artists and seek out that special picture for your walls.  There are drawing workshops and demonstrations .
PV 6-8pm Saturday 4th.

Can’t Draw! Enrolment deadline

This six week radical skill training will enable you to draw accurately and realistically.
For further details about the course content and to see what students do, go to www.cantdraw.co.uk.  The commitment is six half-day Saturdays – a total of 30 hours tuition.  The course fee is £200 – not much for a lifelong skill that will also enhance your appreciation and understanding of art and the world around you!  To book, all you need to do is email me [email protected].

PS. I am so sure that if you can see well enough to drive and you can hold a pencil to write your name YOU CAN DRAW.  if you follow the course and at the end have not made a profound change in your drawing skills then I am happy to refund your fees.  What a money-back-guarantee!